Contents Cleaning & Storage Raleigh, NC

We Secure, Clean, and Prepare Your Valuables for Safe Transport

After disaster strikes, not only has your property suffered damage, but your valuables have also been affected by the damage that swept through your home. At ARCO Restoration, we take the greatest care in handling and cleaning your possessions. Our goal is to salvage everything that we possibly can while ensuring that no more damage is inflicted. Your possessions are processed respectfully throughout the cleaning process by our team of experienced technicians. We then securely store them until you are ready to receive them.

Some items we are able to clean and store include:

  • Hard contents such as dishes, frames, and fixtures.
  • Fragile items such as china and glass.
  • Fabrics such as linens, bedding, and garments.
  • Home fabrics such as leather, rugs, and blinds.

To learn more about our contents cleaning and storage services, contact one of our locations that is nearest to you:
Raleigh office at (919) 872-5033
or (252) 991-4137

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