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The Fire Damage Repair Experts at ARCO Restoration Can Help!

It can be stressful and overwhelming trying to figure out what to do when disaster strikes a home or business owner. ARCO Restoration has been restoring homes and businesses near Raleigh, NC in a timely and caring manner for more than 20 years. Locally owned and operated, ARCO is capable and prepared to complete projects ranging from small residential claims to large commercial losses, including storm damage, water damage, and fire damage restoration. By calling us as soon as possible after a disaster, you have the best chance of preventing further damage to your property and restoring your investment free of damage, bad odors, or mold. For your property’s welfare and the value of your investment, we conveniently offer the following services:

Below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our fire damage restoration process. Call us if you have further questions!

What Is the First Thing I Should Do After a Fire?

Property owners who have a house fire should call their insurance agent immediately and submit a claim. The insurance agent should provide you with information on securing your home, hiring a reliable restoration company, and more.

Is It Safe to Stay in My Home During the Cleanup Process?

There are a few factors your safety depends on in this situation, including the extent of the damage, the home’s layout, and the owner’s personal comfort level. As another option, your insurance agent can recommend off-site housing for you or staying in a hotel, which might be covered in the policy.


How Long Does Fire Damage Cleanup Take?

Like all restoration projects, the length of time cleanup takes depends on the extent of the damage involved. Additionally, local authorities and the insurance professional will also need to investigate the damage before the restoration company can start the clean-up process.

Can I Inspect My Home & Belongings After a Fire?

Only a licensed inspector, such as a structural engineer or building inspector, can determine the safety of a building. You may be putting yourself at great risk if you attempt to inspect the home after a house fire.

What Will Happen to the Items Left in the Home During Restoration After a Fire?

Most of your contents should be restored on-site, but instances where the property has suffered extensive damage sometimes make this impossible. If the structure is not stable or does not allow for ideal conditions, we will work with you on a plan to have your items properly restored.

Do I Really Need Professional Cleanup if the Fire Was Small?

It’s important to have professionals who have the tools, knowledge, and expertise in the field come to restore the property as quickly as possible to mitigate loss. If the fire damage is not handled within a day or two of the fire occurring, soot and smoke can leave permanent damage to the home.

Can Fire Damage Be Repaired?

Although it depends on the extent of the damage, fire damage can be repaired in most cases. Our field technicians act quickly, perform a thorough inspection to assess the damage, and restore structural elements and belongings damaged by heat, flames, or smoke.

Does the Water That Was Used to Put Out the Fire Hurt My Home?

Mold isn’t always obvious to homeowners, and it usually isn’t their main concern after a devastating fire takes place, but it can be detrimental to your family’s health and safety. We will do a thorough mold inspection of your home if water was used to put out the fire. If it’s necessary, we have mold remediation services to combat mold growth and damage.

Call ACRO Today for Superior Fire Damage Restoration Service

Whether your home has suffered damage from severe flooding or a fire, ARCO’s highly trained and knowledgeable staff can help you get things put back together. For more than 20 years, our team of professionals has restored homes and commercial properties in Raleigh, NC quickly and thoroughly. No matter what situation you’re facing, we can put together a customized restoration plan that involves cleanup, deodorization, reconstruction, and, if needed, mold remediation. Contact us today for a free consultation or to learn more about our restoration services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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